Marginalised groups are not only at a higher risk of suicide, but they are also less likely to have access to institutional relief or support that would help prevent suicide, such as government benefits, healthcare, employment, and mental health support.

Natalie Creary is the Programme Delivery Director for Black Thrive. The cross-sector partnership works to address structural racism in systems that sustain mental health inequalities for Black African and African-Caribbean communities. They create space for communities to be seen and heard, influence policy, inform commissioning intentions, and to embed antiracist practice within research and statutory services. Her research explores how our social identities interconnect to shape Black people’s experiences of health and wellbeing

Helen Jones is CEO of MindOut. She co-founded MindOut 20 years ago in response to the demand for services to meet the needs of Brighton & Hove’s LGBTQ communities. MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people with experience of mental health issues. She has worked in mental health advocacy for many years, as a psychotherapist, counsellor, and group worker, and prior to that as a psychiatric nurse.

Mo Wiltshire joined Stonewall as Director of Education and Youth in January 2019. She leads a team working with Schools, Colleges, Local Authorities, youth organisations and young people to work towards a world of acceptance without exception. Stonewall is Britain’s leading charity for lesbian, gay, bi and trans equality, working to devise and implement campaigns and lobby Government to change laws to ensure everyone, everywhere, is free to be themselves.

In this panel discussion, Natalie, Mo and Helen discuss how to develop suicide prevention strategies for marginalised groups and individuals. 

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Research shows that marginalised people are at greater risk of suicide than other groups. In this panel discussion, we welcomed Natalie Creary from Black Thrive, Mo Wiltshire from Stonewall, and Helen Jones from MindOut who discussed how to develop suicide prevention strategies for marginalised groups.

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