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Workforce & Leadership

Creating Inclusive Environments to Promote Neurodiversity in Police Forces

The National Police Chiefs’ Council’s ‘Policing Vision’ states by 2025 policing will be a profession with a more representative workforce that better reflects its communities. In this video John Nelson, Chair of the National Police Autism Association shares some of the challenges neurodivergent people face in the police force and advises on workplace adjustments that can help to create more inclusive work environments.

Emergency Services Wellbeing: Mental Wellbeing and British Policing: Running Towards Psychological Trauma

New figures show more than three-quarters of police officers had difficulties in the last year with their mental health. Professor John Harrison from Devon and Cornwall Police discussed how trauma affects police officers, and the services that his force provide to support officers through trauma.

Offender Management: Insights from the Minister for Prisons and Probation

Alex Chalk MP, Minister for Prisoners and probation provided the latest updates in probation services at the Offender Management Conference 2021.

Crisis Communication in the Public Sector: Tackling a Communication Challenge and Managing the Aftermath

Donna Jordan from the Derbyshire Constabulary spoke about the communication challenges that were associated with the Whaley Bridge incident of 2019.

Boosting Specialist Cybercrime Capabilities through Regional Special Operations Units

39% of businesses in the North East identified cyber security breaches or attacks in 2020. In this case study we’ll look at how regional special operations units are improving defences against cyber crime.

Digital Policing: Using Mobile Technology in Crime Scene Investigation

This case study will emphasise the need to incorporate digital technology in crime scene investigations. It uses the Regional Scientific Support Service (RSSS) of Yorkshire as an example of how digital technology can be used effectively in CSI.

Promoting Digital Literacy in the Police & Criminal Justice Workforce

Technology presents massive opportunities in criminal justice. This article will examine the role of digital technology in modern policing, whilst outlining training methods of the College of Policing in digital literacy.

Mental Health First Aid: Equipping Staff With Effective Training

With people spending a third of their time at work MHFA focus on transforming workplace mental health. This allows employees to not only support their mental health and their colleague's wellbeing but enables them to take the skills back home to look after friends and family.

Women in Public Sector Leadership: 7 Tips to Attain Leadership in a Male-Dominated Sector

Detective Sergeant Janet Hills, of the Metropolitan Black Police Association shares her experiences and advice as a female leader in a traditionally male dominated sector.

Equality Act 2010: Handbook for Advisers

A guide from the EHRC of the Equality Act 2010.