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Key topic areas covered include: Children & Young People, Communities, Environment, Fire & Rescue Services, Housing & Planning, and more…

Children’s Commissioner: Keeping Kids Safe Report

This report from the Children's Commissioner investigates what it means to be a child gang member in England. 

Back to School? Breaking the Link between School Exclusions and Knife Crime

An All-Party Parliamentary Group on Knife Crime report on the link between school exclusions and knife crime.

Guidance for Schools & Colleges: When to Call the Police

NPCC advice for educators on how to approach the police in the context of different offences.

Securing a Brighter Future: The Role of Youth Services in Tackling Knife Crime

This 2020 report looks at effective youth work looks for young people and the role of youth services in tackling knife crime and serious youth violence.

Youth Violence Commission Final Report: July 2020

Exploring the root causes of serious violence affecting young people and long-term solutions.

Equality Act 2010: Handbook for Advisers

A guide from the EHRC of the Equality Act 2010.

Rapid Report: How Mental Health Social Workers are Responding to Covid-19

This report summarises the challenges facing mental health social workers during the pandemic.