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Key topic areas covered include: Health & Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, and Workforce & Leadership.

Covid-19 and Race: Supporting Employees

A CIPD 2020 Report on the impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities.

The Impact of Covid-19 on BAME Women

Research from the Fawcett Society demonstrating specific disproportionalities to do with employment, anxiety, debt and childcare.

Addressing the Barriers to BAME Employee Career Progression to the Top

A CIPD report 'addressing the barriers to BAME employee career progression to the top'.

Building Inclusive Workplaces

A CIPD report assessing the evidence base for actively building inclusive workplaces.

Being a Gender Champion in your Workplace

A quick guide on being a workplace gender champion from the EHRC and Working Families.

Stonewall: LGBT in Britain Work Report

This report investigates the experiences of the 3,213 employed LGBT respondents and their experiences of discrimination in the workplace.

Pregnant and Precarious: New and Expectant Mums’ Experiences of Work during Covid-19

A TUC report on new and expectant mums’ experiences of work during Covid-19.

Dress Codes and Sex Discrimination – What you need to know

This guidance from the GEO is for employers who set dress codes and employees who may have to abide by them.

Evidence Backed Actions to Close the Gender Pay Gap

A GEO and BI Team document on reducing the gender pay gap and improving gender equality in organisations.

GEO Guidance: What Works to Reduce your Gender Pay Gap

A GEO guidance note family friendly policies for the workplace.

BITC: Ethnicity and the Economic Impact of Covid-19

This BITC factsheet covers how the pandemic has economically impacted those from minority backgrounds.

The Race at Work: Black Voices Report

A BITC report sharing insights into the experiences of black employees in the workplace.

Equality Act 2010: Handbook for Advisers

A guide from the EHRC of the Equality Act 2010.

Equality and diversity: Findings from the Mental Health Fellowships

Looking at community-based solutions

Ethnic Diversity, Enriching Business Leadership: Parker Review 2020

The final independent review by Sir John Parker into the ethnic diversity of UK boards.

Mental Health Foundation: Mental Health in the Pandemic Study

A study led by the Mental Health Foundation on the impact of the pandemic on people's mental health. 

McGregor Smith Review: 2017

An independent review by Baroness McGregor-Smith considering the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace.