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Key topic areas covered include: Health & Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion, and Workforce & Leadership.

Creating a Safer Work Culture through Engagement with Senior Leadership

Thirtyone:eight are a faith-based charity that strive to assist organisations in creating a safer and more inclusive culture in their workplace. This case study explores thirtyone:eight’s guiding principles for organisations to follow when looking to improve their safeguarding strategy.

Creating a Resilient Workforce through Emotional and Mental Health Support

The British Heart Foundation have been praised for their conscientious wellbeing and safeguarding strategies. We heard from Scott Berney, Head of Safeguarding at the charity about how they supported staff prior to, and throughout the pandemic.

Risk Management: Overcoming Challenges and Avoiding Mistakes

In this case study we’ll look at common pitfalls in risk management and how best to mitigate them.

Championing Trans, Non-Binary and Non-Gender Employees within the Workplace

Around 5% of the UK population falls under the umbrella term of trans; 1% being trans-binary, 4% being trans-non-binary. In this case study we’ll look at fostering an inclusive and welcoming culture for trans, non-binary, and non-gender employees within the workplace.

Championing Inclusive Values as Leader: The Muslim Health Collaboration Network ​

It is important to champion inclusive values to break down barriers to success. We look at the challenges Nuzhat Ali has faced as a Muslim woman, and the work of the Muslim Health Collaboration Network.

Stepping Up: The Diversity Leadership Programme

This case study looks at Bristol City Council's Diversity Leadership programme, ‘Stepping Up’. The programme aims to encourage minorities to aspire to leadership positions. Now, just over three years since it began, how has the programme succeeded in diversifying city-wide leadership?

Creating Effective Networks for Women to Share Support and Mentorship

Following negative staff feedback, the Environment Agency decided to take action on gender inclusivity, introducing the Women’s Network in 2010. The agency focused on diversifying the ranks and creating a safe space for all employees to thrive, this case study looks at if the network has been a success.

The Westminster Way: Improving Diversity and Inclusion

In this case study, Director of People Services at the City of Westminster, Lee Witham, discussed ‘The Westminster Way’ initiative, aimed at reducing the disparities experienced by female and ethnic minority employees.

The Successes of Oracle Women’s Leadership Initiative

Oracle Women’s Leadership is an initiative that unites employees for the empowerment of women. This case study examines how Oracle has worked towards creating an inclusive workplace culture.