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Key topic areas covered include: Communications and IT & Digital Services.

Communicating with Hard-to-Reach Groups Through a Whole Community Approach

Birmingham is one of Britain’s most diverse cities with 40% of the population from non-white British backgrounds. These groups are often disengaged from public messaging. Through championing local people, the council aimed to rectify that problem.

Hertfordshire County Council: Effectively Using Social Media in Public Comms

Hertfordshire County Council have used several digital channels to promote their public health campaigns over the course of the pandemic. Andrew Hadfield-Ames from Hertfordshire Council shares their successes of using social media to communicate effectively with the public.

Embedding Behavioural Science in Public Sector Communications

The success of policy and public campaigns depends on moulding the perceptions, decisions, and actions of the public. Dr Paulina Lang, Behavioural Science Lead at the Cabinet Office discussed ways of using behavioural science to improve public communications.