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The Reshaping the Future of Women In Business Conference in Conversation with Louise Prachard

Louise Prachard engages in conversation about the future of women in business.

Sue Liburd Discusses the Women at Work Agenda

We interviewed Sue Liburd, an award-winning businesswoman, mentor, leadership strategist, and chair of several senior business leadership forums on the progress needed to advance the women at work agenda.

Creating Effective Networks for Women to Share Support and Mentorship

Following negative staff feedback, the Environment Agency decided to take action on gender inclusivity, introducing the Women’s Network in 2010. The agency focused on diversifying the ranks and creating a safe space for all employees to thrive, this case study looks at if the network has been a success.

How Can We Support Aspiring Female Leaders?

Gender stereotypes are responsible for a large majority of workplace bias. This article explores the perceived barriers to women's progression and the support that employers can provide.

How Does Gender Bias Affect Our View of the ‘Perfect’ Leader?

When considering the qualities that make a good leader, many of us will imagine the same characteristics. Yet, despite consensus, many of us still hold unconscious gender biases that largely influence our perceptions of leaders and leadership.

Women in Public Sector Leadership: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence to Communicate Effectively and Manage Conflict

Katherine Graham is Co-Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors of CMP Resolutions, spoke at Women in Public Sector Leadership 2020 about harnessing emotional intelligence to communicate effectively and manage conflict.

The Successes of Oracle Women’s Leadership Initiative

Oracle Women’s Leadership is an initiative that unites employees for the empowerment of women. This case study examines how Oracle has worked towards creating an inclusive workplace culture.