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Including Emotional Support in Weight Management Services

Weight Management Services are a big part of the NHS Get Better Strategy. However, they only address the metric weight of a patient. Emotional support is needed to help the patient understand the potential underlying reasons for their situation. Only through a joint emotional and physical approach to weight management can patients’ be supported to make healthier decisions.

Improving Weight Management Referrals

Obesity is a major public health issue in the UK. Nearly two thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese. A common treatment plan for obesity is to refer the patient to a weight management programme, though many physicians are reluctant to do this. Improving referral skills should help build the confidence clinicians need to aid patients in joining weight management programmes.

Working Together to Help People Achieve Healthier Lifestyles

Obesity is one of the biggest public health crises in the UK today. Almost two-thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese. To tackle this ongoing issue the Government is investing in weight management services and gathering data to help improve these services. This article looks at where this Government funding is being used.

Addressing Childhood Obesity: The Relationship Between Childhood Obesity And Mental Health

Professor Paul Gately, Chief Executive and Clinical Lead MoreLife, and Dr. Neesha Patel, Health Psychologist MoreLife, spoke about the mental health impact of childhood obesity at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.

Addressing Childhood Obesity : Delivering Integrated Interventions

Dr. Julie Greenway, Chief Investigator at Black County Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and Sally Cornfield, Public Health Manager Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, spoke about multi-agency working at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.

The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference 2021: Making Vegetables Appealing to Children Through Creative Advertising

Jo Ralling, Head of Communications at The Food Foundation, spoke about the Veg Power campaign at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.