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Combatting Gangs, Violence & County Lines: Preventing and Reducing Violence through Place-Based Interventions

Speaking at our conference on tackling county lines gang violence, Karina Wane of the London VRU spoke through the role of place-based interventions.

Understanding The Domestic Abuse Act (2021) in the Context of Covid-19

Victims and survivors of domestic abuse were at even higher risk during the pandemic. In this article we’ll be looking at the Domestic Abuse Act (2021) and it’s impact on adult safeguarding and domestic abuse.

NHS Workforce: A Better A&E, Design Solutions to Improve Patient Experience

Jack Cheatle, Associate at Pearson Lloyd Design Studio, spoke about using design solutions to improve patient experience and reduce violence towards staff, at the NHS Workforce Event: Recruitment, Retention and Wellbeing, 2021.

Working Together to Combat Domestic Abuse: The Benefits of Multi-Agency Cooperation

The Multi Agency Tasking and Coordination (MATAC) process works to target perpetrators and stop repeat offences. This case study explores how the process is implemented by Northumbria Police.

Gender-Based Violence: The Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy

Following the murder of Sarah Everard tackling violence against women and girls (VAWG) is at the forefront of the agenda. This article explores what the Domestic Abuse Bill will include alongside the strategies being developed to tackle VAWG.

Developing a Collaborative Approach: Reducing Incidents of Violence in A&E

We spoke with a former member of the armed forces and police service Vincent Smith on how the NHS can collaborate with the police to improve safety in the ED.