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Understanding the Future of Blended Learning

In a Jisc Survey (2021) 51% of students said they received support for learning online away from campus. Professor Gunter Saunders, University of Westminster, shares with us the future for blended learning in higher education.

The Importance of Supporting Student Transitions in Higher Education

Transitioning to university can be challenging to many students, causing anxiety and having a negative impact on their mental health. Elliott Newstead is Head of UK Student Recruitment and Outreach at the University of Leicester, in this post he discusses the importance of supporting student transitions in higher education and the many ways universities can learn from each other to improve transition services.

The Growing Challenge of Keeping International Students Safe at University

Thousands of international students enrol in UK universities every year, and for many this is their first time living abroad in an unfamiliar city. We heard from Lisa Ravenscroft, Communications Manager at ProtectED about the challenges these students face and how universities can support them throughout their studies.

Redefining Communications and Marketing in Higher Education after Covid-19

The pandemic has fundamentally impacted the way universities communicate with students as well as students' expectations from the universities. We heard from Vicky Pearson, Head of Corporate Communications at the University of Reading about how the pandemic has impacted university marketing and communications, and how universities can adapt their strategies to meet these new challenges.

Developing Digital Capacity For Technology Enhanced Learning

In this article, Professor Gunter Saunders, Associate Director for Digital Engagement at the University of Westminster discusses how improving teacher digital literacy can enhance student learning.

In Conversation: Becoming a Net-Zero University, Turning Ambitions into Reality

In recent years higher education providers have made efforts to improve sustainability; most UK universities now have sustainability pledges. The University of Nottingham is at the forefront of this movement, with carbon reduction targets in place across all its campuses. We spoke to Andy Nolan, the Director of Sustainability and Development at the University of Nottingham about turning these ambitions into reality.

Supporting Care Leavers and Estranged Students in Higher Education

The number of care leavers entering Higher Education in 2018/19 was 13%, while in that same year, 14% of estranged students deferred or suspended their studies. We spoke to Lisa Ravenscroft, Communications Manager at ProtectEd on how the organisation is working with universities to support these students, helping them to access and complete studies.

Developing a Successful Blended Learning Strategy in Higher Education

The pandemic has posed significant challenges to Higher Education, altering teaching methods became a necessity to deliver learning during lockdown. With the majority of students preferring the flexibility of online learning, universities need to create blended learning strategies to ensure students are getting the best learning experience going forward.

Developing a Commercial Approach to Estate Management

In this case study we’ll be examining the University of Nottingham’s (UoN) commercial approach to real estate management.

Roehampton Bystander Intervention Project – Implementation, Impact, and Learning Opportunities

Dr Aleata Alstad-Calkins, Director of Student Services at the University of Roehampton shares a case study.

Degree Apprenticeships will provide vital opportunities for the ‘Covid Generation’

In this article we discuss the impact the circumstance surrounding Covid-19 has had on degreee aprenticeships.

Responding to the Career Development Needs of Students through Covid-19

Katie Black and Joe Saxon, Queen Mary University of London, share some of the challenges they faced during the first few weeks of lockdown and how they responded.

Understanding the Covid Cohort: How Can We Continue to Level Up?

UCAS reported that more students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK entered HE in 2020 than ever before, the impact of Covid-19 on students, especially those from a disadvantaged background has been severe.