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The Impact of Covid-19 on the High street

The pandemic had a severe impact on highstreet in the UK. In April 2021. footfall across highstreets fell by 88% compared to 2019. This infographic gives an overview of the current state of town centres as well as looking at the future of highstreets.

How Sevenoaks District Council Overcame Funding Constraints

Local Government budgets are shrinking while costs and demand continue to rise. This case study shares insights from Cllr Peter Fleming, Leader of Sevenoaks District Council and Chair of the LGA Improvement and Innovation Board on their inventive funding strategy.

High Streets 2021: Monitoring Footfall and Foot-flow Data to Inform the Pandemic Response

Footfall is a vital metric which provides a measure of activity on local high streets. Chris Wade from the People and Places Partnership discusses the monitoring of footfall and foot-flow data to inform the pandemic response.

High Streets 2021: Helping Town Centre Businesses and Creating New Opportunities

The restrictions introduced in response to Covid-19 triggered an unprecedented emptying of city centres and high streets across the country. Carol Pryah of the Historic Coventry Trust discusses support packages for town centre businesses.

High Streets 2021: Supporting Places through Covid-19

High Streets have been decimated by Covid-19 and local communities are working hard to recover. Professor Cathy Parker from the Institute of Place Management shares their recovery framework for supporting places through the crisis.

Covid-19: A Springboard for Coastal Regeneration?

According to most measures of social and economic deprivation, coastal destinations are lagging behind their inland counterparts. This case study will focus on Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole (BCP) Council, and their actions during the Covid-19 pandemic to deal with the challenges posed by both Covid-19 and the need for coastal regeneration.

Leeds City Council: Building Council Houses for the Future

Over the past decade, less than half of the required amount of affordable housing has been built, leading to a housing crisis across the UK. In this case study we look at Leeds City Council’s plans to meet the need for affordable housing.

Cultural Regeneration: Lessons from The Really Local Group

Really Local Group creates and restores cultural infrastructure through the regeneration and renewal of the UK’s highstreets. They work to create bespoke venues that provide a mixture of retail, entertainment, hospitality, creative and community spaces.

How can we Adapt our High Streets to Ensure Future Sustainability?

eCommerce has posed a threat to the High Street for some time, but Covid has provided another challenge. How can the High Street adapt?

Transforming our High Streets – A Route Map to Recovery

In the first 6 months of 2020 the Retail Gazette reported that there had been a loss of over 24,000 retail jobs. With challenges for the entertainment and restaurant sector, including increased costs and managing capacity for social distancing, there is a real concern on whether business will survive.