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Teacher Workload: Creating a Shared Teacher Planning System to Reduce Workload

Marking and data collection is a major source of concern and stress for teachers Some schools are now looking at innovative marking techniques to reduce the workload of their teaching staff. We heard from Kate Owbridge, Executive Headteacher at Ashdown Primary School on the school’s switch from marking to responsive teaching.

Teacher Workload: Making Teacher Wellbeing a Priority in Schools

The pandemic has posed a significant mental health challenge to teachers and educational staff. We heard from Sinéad McBrearty of Education Support who shared ways that schools can implement comprehensive wellbeing strategies that support their workforce.

Supporting the Mental Wellbeing of the Education Workforce

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of the education workforce, with 72% of education staff reporting consistent stress at work. Sinéad McBrearty from Education Support offered their recommendations for government, policy makers and schools for supporting the mental health of the workforce.

Reducing Teacher Workload Through Shared Lesson Planning

Whitley Bay School in North East England recognised that lesson planning significantly contributes to excessive teacher workload, they adopted a shared approach to planning. This case study examines how this approach has been effective at reducing workload, as well as improving the quality of teaching: boosting staff development and morale.

Sharing Insights From the Teacher Workload Survey: In Discussion With NFER

Tackling excessive teacher workloads is a high priority for the education sector as it links to teacher wellbeing, job satisfaction and retention. We spoke to Matthew Walker, Research Manager at the National Foundation for Educational Research, about the impact of high teacher workloads.