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Dr. Emma Waltham, Maternity Returns Specialist

We're delighted to welcome Dr Emma Waltham as a Content Contributor for MyGovCentral. Dr Waltham specialises in supporting STEM organisations to successfully re-engage their maternity returners and will be sharing insights from her work with us on MyGovCentral.

Women in STEM: Supporting and Retaining Female STEM Students

Men are significantly overrepresented in subjects such as physics and maths. Dr Helen Coulshed is Chair of the Faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences Equality and Diversity Committee at King’s College London. They share the efforts of their institution to recruit and retain women studying STEM.

Women in STEM: Intersectional Inclusion, the BAME Student in Engineering Network

According to the 2018 State of Engineering Report, only 15% of engineering employers make efforts to attract and retain women in engineering and technical roles. Charlotte Ajomale-Evans from Swansea University BAME Students in Engineering Network shares insights into the challenges BAME students face when studying STEM subjects in Higher Education.

Women in STEM: Increasing Female Students Uptake of STEM in Education

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme aims to increase participation in advanced maths qualifications. Rachel Beddoes is Girls’ Participation Coordinator and Employer Liaison & Careers Lead on the Programme. They share strategies for encouraging girls to overcome challenges that are stopping them from studying STEM in Further and Higher Education.

Sharing Experiences from Swansea BAME Students in Engineering Network

Charlotte Ajomale-Evans is Chair of the Swansea University BAME Students in Engineering Network. She discussed with us the challenges facing BAME students taking STEM university courses.

Increasing Female Students’ Uptake of STEM

This article explores the aims and strategies of The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme in encouraging more girls to study maths in Post-16 education.

Delivering Excellence in STEM: Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Jack Worth, Lead Economist from the NFER spoke at our Delivering Excellence in Teaching STEM conference about effective STEM teacher recruitment and retention.

Excellence in STEM: Inspiring Pupils through Innovative Teaching

Dr Alex Brown, STEM Support Programme Manager from STEM Learning UK spoke at our Delivering Excellence in Teaching STEM in Schools Conference, 2021 about holistic approaches and innovative teaching methods for inspiring pupils.