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Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health: Creating a Successful Employee Network

In this case study, we look at the work of Jakki Mills and Richard Tunsich of the Insolvency Service, discussing the successes of their employee network group, Break the Stigma, and the work it has undertaken to support employees during the pandemic.

Creating a more inclusive workplace for Neurodivergent Staff

Supporting neurodivergent employees is essential to creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. Staff networks are a good way of creating a sense of belonging. Jess Gosling, co-Chair of The Civil Service Neurodiversity Network discussed how their network has benefitted colleagues and how this approach can benefit other workplaces.

Creating Effective Networks for Women to Share Support and Mentorship

Following negative staff feedback, the Environment Agency decided to take action on gender inclusivity, introducing the Women’s Network in 2010. The agency focused on diversifying the ranks and creating a safe space for all employees to thrive, this case study looks at if the network has been a success.

Women in Public Sector Leadership: How the Environment Agency set up Networks For Women

Staff networks are a recognised way of empowering minority groups and changing culture in the workplace Claire Bell of the Environment Agency discussed her experience of setting up a staff network for women.