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Promoting Social Mobility through Apprenticeships

The number of apprenticeship starts from the most disadvantaged quintile fell by 30% between 2015/16 and 2018/19. In this video Edward Donkor from the Social Mobility Commission explores how apprenticeships can improve social mobility and provides a toolkit for employers, and other stakeholders, to increase the accessibility of their apprenticeship programmes.

Supporting Disadvantaged Families: Local Approaches to Addressing Financial Inclusion

Leeds City Council has been working to promote financial inclusion in the city, addressing poverty and poor life outcomes. We heard from Jo Rowlands, Financial Inclusion Manager at Leeds City Council. They discussed the importance of a strategic, holistic approach to confronting financial exclusion.

Supporting Disadvantaged Families: Understanding Intergenerational Disadvantage

The UK has long struggled to improve social mobility - with Covid-19 exacerbating this problem. We heard from Erin Hawkes, Lead Analyst at The Social Mobility Commission who discussed their work tackling intergenerational disadvantage in the UK.

Black History Month in the Workplace: Addressing Inequalities

Only 1 in 6 people at senior leadership level in the public and private sectors are from an ethnic minority background. This infographic gives an overview of diversity and inclusion issues in workplaces across the UK.

How does Stagnant Social Mobility Affect Young People?

This article discusses the implications of a lack of social mobility for young people and recommends what can be done to improve outcomes.

Confronting Multi-Generational Disadvantage: The Impact of Deprivation on Social Mobility

Social mobility varies widely across local authorities in England. In this article we’ll look at the recent work of the Social Mobility Commission in highlighting differences in opportunities across England.

Leeds City Council: Building Council Houses for the Future

Over the past decade, less than half of the required amount of affordable housing has been built, leading to a housing crisis across the UK. In this case study we look at Leeds City Council’s plans to meet the need for affordable housing.

SMC Report Finds that Social Mobility across England is a ‘Postcode Lottery’

The Social Mobility Commission discusses their new report, The Long Shadow of Deprivation: Differences in opportunities across England.

Apprenticeships: A Catalyst for Social Mobility?

Apprenticeships pose the opportunity for those with fewer qualifications to excel in their careers. We spoke to Dr Steven Cooper, Interim Co-Chair, Social Mobility Commission and CEO, C.Hoare & Co about their experience with apprenticeships.

Degree Apprenticeships: Delivering Social Mobility?

Leading education charity, The Sutton Trust, spoke to us about how we can level up degree apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people.