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Promoting Social Mobility through Apprenticeships

The number of apprenticeship starts from the most disadvantaged quintile fell by 30% between 2015/16 and 2018/19. In this video Edward Donkor from the Social Mobility Commission explores how apprenticeships can improve social mobility and provides a toolkit for employers, and other stakeholders, to increase the accessibility of their apprenticeship programmes.

Introducing the Midwifery T-Level at La Retraite Sixth Form

T-levels are an alternative qualification students can study as an alternative to studying A levels. We heard from Ruth Coyle, Director of Learning at La Retraite Catholic Girls School about how the school is introducing a Midwifery T-Level to the curriculum.

Showcasing Local Employers to Improve Youth Employment Opportunities

The number of young people not in education, employment or training in January to March 2022 was estimated at 10.4%. We heard from Julie Young, Post-16 Advisor at Somerset County Council, about how the TalentEd Academy programmes has provided young people with opportunities to explore future careers following education.

Introducing the Construction T-Level at La Retraite Sixth Form

T Levels provide students with an alternative qualification to A Levels and can help students get into skilled employment and higher education. We heard from the Director of Learning at La Retraite Sixth form about how they are working to introduce a Construction T Level to the curriculum.

HEFE Marketing: UCAS Admissions and the Impact of Covid-19

UCAS saw university applications rise during the height of the pandemic, up 1.6% from 2019. Andy Frampton and Mike Adams of UCAS shared their insights on the impact of Covid-19, as well as their forecast for the future of admissions.

Collaborative Partnerships: Generating Income in HE Institutions

In this case study we explore how Queen Mary University of London has developed a number of collaborative business partnerships to generate income.

Increasing Female Students’ Uptake of STEM

This article explores the aims and strategies of The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme in encouraging more girls to study maths in Post-16 education.

Excellence in STEM: Inspiring Pupils through Innovative Teaching

Dr Alex Brown, STEM Support Programme Manager from STEM Learning UK spoke at our Delivering Excellence in Teaching STEM in Schools Conference, 2021 about holistic approaches and innovative teaching methods for inspiring pupils.

Further Education Leadership: Effective Remote Leadership during Covid-19

Yusuf Ibrahim spoke to us about effective Remote Leadership in Further Education during Covid-19.

Further Education Leadership: Achieving an Outstanding Ofsted Rating Under the New Framework

Karen Dobson spoke at our Further Education Leadership Conference about how to achieve outstanding Ofsted status in uncertain times.

Boosting Employment in the Solent: Transfer to Transform

Southampton City Council shares with us how they are boosting employment through mobilising unspent apprenticeship levy funds as part of their Covid-19 recovery effort.

Do you still need to leave home for a better life? SMC Publishes New Report

The Social Mobility Commission help understand the link between migration and disadvantage.

Apprenticeships: A Catalyst for Social Mobility?

Apprenticeships pose the opportunity for those with fewer qualifications to excel in their careers. We spoke to Dr Steven Cooper, Interim Co-Chair, Social Mobility Commission and CEO, C.Hoare & Co about their experience with apprenticeships.

Degree Apprenticeships: Delivering Social Mobility?

Leading education charity, The Sutton Trust, spoke to us about how we can level up degree apprenticeships for disadvantaged young people.