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How NEWS2 is Improving Health and Social Care in the West of England

Almost 50,000 deaths in the UK are caused by Sepsis every year. The West of England AHSN is ‘Spreading the NEWS2’ to help healthcare professionals make the right judgements and save lives.

Responding Quickly and Effectively to the Deterioration of Sepsis Patients

Strong processes and procedures are in place to aid medical professionals spot a deteriorating patient. This case study explores those methods and highlights why trusting your instinct can be just as important when spotting sepsis.

Learning Lessons from Preventable Sepsis Deaths: The UK Sepsis Trust

It is estimated that around 245,000 people develop sepsis in the UK each year. In this article, Dr Ron Daniels from the UK Sepsis Trust provides lessons and updates on the ongoing fight to end preventable sepsis deaths.