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Sexual Health: Inclusive Sex and Relationships Education for LBGT+ and LGBT+ SEND Young People

Historically, there has been a lack of inclusive sex education in schools. Many LGBTQ+ and SEND students have reported feeling left out. We heard from Nick Dunne, Head of Education at the sexual health charity Brook. He outlined the detrimental impact of a lack of inclusion and why accessible education is so important.

Delivering Excellence in Teaching Arts: The Impact of the Arts for Disadvantaged Children

At Pakeman Primary School the number of Pupil Premium students and those with English as an additional language is significantly higher than the national average. We heard from Headteacher Emma Bonnin about how they embedded the arts into their school day, with the aim of helping disadvantaged pupils with their academic and personal development.

Using the Arts to Support Disadvantaged Children

Pakeman Primary School in London accommodates for SEND pupils and pupils with English as a second language. They have used the arts to implement a ‘creative curriculum’. This case study explores how this new curriculum has supported pupils with their additional needs.

Helping SEND Pupils by Integrating Technology in Teaching

In this article we’ll discuss how to better integrate technology into teaching to support pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

Improving the Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing of SEND Students

SEMH needs are a type of special educational need in which children/young people have severe difficulties in managing their emotions and behaviour. This case study looks at the strategy of the Astrea Academy Trust. The Trust promotes a focus on the social, emotional, and mental health needs of pupils with SEND.

Improving Provisions for Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This article will cover the current issues that students with special educational needs and disabilities are facing, with a focus on the need to review policy in this area.

Tackling Inequalities In The Education System While Homeschooling

Professor Sonia Blandford discussed with us the inequalities that have emerged from homeschooling.

Dagenham Park School: Supporting SEND Students to Reach their Potential

The Additional Resource Pathway (ARP) supports pupils with diverse needs, encouraging equality of opportunity. We spoke to Julia Tyldsley, SENCO lead at Dagenham Park and Inclusion Adviser for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham about Dagenham Park Schools ARP incentive.

What Can Technology Offer Learners With SEND?

Children with special education needs and disabilities (SEND) often have the capacity to master high-level content. We spoke to John Galloway from the London Grid for Learning about ways to support children and young people with SEND.