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Supporting Autistic Pupils in Mainstream Classrooms

1 in 100 people have autism, and schools need to be prepared to support autistic students. Katie Goodwin, Assistant Headteacher at Abbey Hill School shares how austistic pupils can be better supported in mainstream classrooms.

The Problem of Sustainability for Academy Funding

In line with the UK Government's aim of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the Department for Education published the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy (2022). Phil Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of PLR Advisory shares with us how the sustainability targets outlined in the strategy are difficult to achieve with academy trust finances and outlines changes that need to be made so that academies can become more sustainable.

Using Covid-19 Catch-Up Funds to Reduce the Attainment Gap

The Covid-19 Catch-Up Funds have been fundamental in helping schools decrease the attainment gap between students and helping disadvantaged students catch up with their peers. We heard from Lee Raftery, Deputy Headteacher of the Royal Liberty School about how interventions funded by the catch-up fund have helped improve student progress.

Ofsted: A Review on Sexual Harassment in Schools

After the viral ‘Everyone’s Invited’ campaign that raised awareness of sexual harassment in schools, Ofsted launched an investigation into the prevalence of abuse in schools. This article outlines the findings of this review, providing recommendations to tackle abuse.

Providing Inclusive Sex and Relationships Education for Young LGBT+ People

LGBT+ young people face a multitude of challenges at school. This case study discusses those issues and how schools can better represent their LGBT+ students through more inclusive RSE.

Excellence in STEM: Inspiring Pupils through Innovative Teaching

Dr Alex Brown, STEM Support Programme Manager from STEM Learning UK spoke at our Delivering Excellence in Teaching STEM in Schools Conference, 2021 about holistic approaches and innovative teaching methods for inspiring pupils.

Helping SEND Pupils by Integrating Technology in Teaching

In this article we’ll discuss how to better integrate technology into teaching to support pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).

Improving the Social, Emotional and Mental Wellbeing of SEND Students

SEMH needs are a type of special educational need in which children/young people have severe difficulties in managing their emotions and behaviour. This case study looks at the strategy of the Astrea Academy Trust. The Trust promotes a focus on the social, emotional, and mental health needs of pupils with SEND.

Embracing School Culture through Transformational Leadership

Ongoing professional development is likely to be the most impactful tool at our disposal for improving teacher quality and boosting pupils’ learning. This case study will examine the characteristics of effective school leadership. It will then discuss the Transformational Leadership model of Rob Williams, Headteacher of Malton School.

Dagenham Park School: Supporting SEND Students to Reach their Potential

The Additional Resource Pathway (ARP) supports pupils with diverse needs, encouraging equality of opportunity. We spoke to Julia Tyldsley, SENCO lead at Dagenham Park and Inclusion Adviser for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham about Dagenham Park Schools ARP incentive.