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Supporting and Accommodating Disabled People in the Workplace

Recent research from the University of Derby found that a quarter of those surveyed in the research had hidden their disability from their HR department and that only 36% were open with colleagues about their condition. In this post, Acas share ways employers can make adjustments to better support disabled candidates and colleagues.

Implementing Preceptorship Programmes to Improve the Retention of New NHS Staff

In April 2021, there was a shortage of nearly 84,000 full-time equivalent staff across NHS England. Urgent action is required to tackle a vicious cycle of shortages and increased pressures on staff. Debbi Howard, Head of Clinical Education and Sarah Sumner, Clinical Director for Resuscitation, Simulation and Skills at Warrington and Halton Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust discuss how preceptorship programmes can help improve staff retention in trusts.

In Conversation: Creating Better Diversity Policies in the Voluntary Sector

Implementing core diversity policies in the voluntary sector is essential in creating inclusive and representative workplaces and services. We invited three champions of diversity and inclusion in the sector to discuss the topic.

Ensuring Voluntary Sector Leadership Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

ACAS works with employers and employees to improve workplace relationships. This article looks at ways that employers in the voluntary sector can better promote diversity and inclusion.

Black History Month in the Workplace: Addressing Inequalities

Only 1 in 6 people at senior leadership level in the public and private sectors are from an ethnic minority background. This infographic gives an overview of diversity and inclusion issues in workplaces across the UK.

The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety and Rescue Services: Promoting Diversity in the Fire & Rescue Service

Imran Dean, Community Engagement Officer (EDI Lead) at Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services, spoke about improving diversity in the Fire Service at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

How do Positive Action and Positive Discrimination Differ in Practice?

'Positive action' continues to be implemented by employers everywhere as a means of levelling the playfield for disadvantaged groups within the workplace. However, what is the difference between 'positive action' and 'positive discrimination', and how do we implement this kind of initiative effectively?

Overcoming Barriers for Ethnic Minority Candidates Entering the Workplace

BME individuals make up only 10% of the workforce and hold only 6% of top management positions. Racial inequality in the workplace can be a key deterrent to ethnic minority candidates. Rupa Mooker, of the Law Society of Scotland’s Equality and Diversity Committee, discussed the need for visible role models to inspire young people.

Creating a More Inclusive Recruitment Process

This article explores measures that can be taken to encourage a diverse and inclusive recruitment process.