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Understanding Imposter Syndrome: Challenging Learnt Behaviours

This article outlines what imposter syndrome is, how it affects women, and what can be done in the workplace and wider society to tackle it.

Race at Work 2021: Tackling Racial Disparities in Employment

Indra Nauth of The Black Training and Enterprise Group discusses the work they're carrying out to tackle racial disparities faced by Black, Asian and mixed heritage people in the workplace.

Race at Work 2021: The Race at Work Black Voices Report

Business in The Community has become a leading voice for racial equality in the workplace. Sandra Kerr CBE, Race Equality Director at BITC spoke about the Race at Work report and its recommendations.

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (Bame) Women, Mental Health and Covid-19

Sandra Kerr CBE, Race Equality Director at Business in the Community, shares with us some useful guidance on the impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities in the UK.

Ethnicity and The Economics of Covid-19

Sandra Kerr CBE, Race Equality Director at Business in the Community, shares with us some useful guidance on the impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities in the UK.

‘We Cannot Tackle Racism Without an Intersectional Approach’: Interview With Cllr Sharon Thompson

Inequality is often understood from a perspective that categorises different marginalised groups, sometimes dividing their experiences and neglecting to see the cross over between multiple identities. In this interview, we discuss the need for change with Cllr Sharon Thompson of Birmingham City Council.

Stepping Up: The Diversity Leadership Programme

This case study looks at Bristol City Council's Diversity Leadership programme, ‘Stepping Up’. The programme aims to encourage minorities to aspire to leadership positions. Now, just over three years since it began, how has the programme succeeded in diversifying city-wide leadership?

Addressing the Barriers to BAME Employee Career Progression to the Top

A CIPD report 'addressing the barriers to BAME employee career progression to the top'.

Overcoming Barriers for Ethnic Minority Candidates Entering the Workplace

BME individuals make up only 10% of the workforce and hold only 6% of top management positions. Racial inequality in the workplace can be a key deterrent to ethnic minority candidates. Rupa Mooker, of the Law Society of Scotland’s Equality and Diversity Committee, discussed the need for visible role models to inspire young people.

Exploring the Effectiveness of Unconscious Bias Training

Rupa Mooker, Business Director, People and Development at McRoberts Law Firm and member of the Law Society of Scotland’s Equality and Diversity Committee, shares her views on why UBT should be a minimum requirement in diversity and inclusion training.

Moving Forward With Conversations About Racial Inequality

Following the shocking events that inspired a resurgence in the Black Lives Matter movement last year, there have been concerted efforts to address racial inequality in our society. Given that we spend the majority of our lives in work, challenging racial discrimination in the workplace is an essential part of this movement.

Creating a More Inclusive Recruitment Process

This article explores measures that can be taken to encourage a diverse and inclusive recruitment process.

Strategic Action: Addressing the Impact of Covid-19 on People from Ethnic Minority Backgrounds

Sandra Kerr, Race Equality Director at Business in the Community (BITC) shares her thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact BAME groups.

The Westminster Way: Improving Diversity and Inclusion

In this case study, Director of People Services at the City of Westminster, Lee Witham, discussed ‘The Westminster Way’ initiative, aimed at reducing the disparities experienced by female and ethnic minority employees.

Women in Public Sector Leadership: Key Factors That Facilitate and Catalyse Inclusion in the Workplace

Nuzhat Ali, Chair of the Civil Service Muslim Network spoke about the factors for success in creating inclusive workplaces at Women in Public Sector Leadership 2020.

Women in Public Sector Leadership: 7 Tips to Attain Leadership in a Male-Dominated Sector

Detective Sergeant Janet Hills, of the Metropolitan Black Police Association shares her experiences and advice as a female leader in a traditionally male dominated sector.

BITC: Ethnicity and the Economic Impact of Covid-19

This BITC factsheet covers how the pandemic has economically impacted those from minority backgrounds.

The Race at Work: Black Voices Report

A BITC report sharing insights into the experiences of black employees in the workplace.

Ethnic Diversity, Enriching Business Leadership: Parker Review 2020

The final independent review by Sir John Parker into the ethnic diversity of UK boards.

McGregor Smith Review: 2017

An independent review by Baroness McGregor-Smith considering the issues affecting black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in the workplace.