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Representation of Ethnic Minorities in the NHS

1.3 million people were employed by the NHS in March 2020. However, only 22.1% of those employed were from minority ethnic backgrounds. In this infographic, we explore some of the data on the current make-up of the NHS workforce across England.

Implementing Regulations to Achieve Better Healthcare Outcomes

Sean Weaver, Deputy Medical Director at the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) discussed Never Events, how to ensure solid improvements following an investigation, and how to embed regular reiteration into the overall strategy.

The Gloves Are Off: Improving Disposable Glove Use Practices

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed the NHS to it’s functional limits. In the face of mounting pressure caused by increased hospitalisations, many processes had to be rapidly adapted and implemented. This case study will focus on the importance of improved hygiene procedures, looking at the ‘Gloves are Off’ campaign, and how new procedures came into effect.

Supporting the Mental Wellbeing of Healthcare Workers during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken an unprecedented toll on our healthcare workers. Consequently, the workforce are struggling with their mental health. This case study examines this and suggests ways to help these workers.

NHS Estates: Delivering Sustainable Practice across the Estate

In October 2020, the NHS became the first national healthcare system in the world to commit to a delivering net zero carbon emissions. This case study presents the Green Plan of the Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly Health Care Partnership.

An Organisational Approach to Health and Wellbeing: Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust

Data from last year’s NHS Staff survey (2020) shows that 40% of respondents from Royal Brompton & Harefield, experienced work-related stress [2]. This article covers how the Trust are tackling this issue.