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Returning to the Office: A Guide for Employers

Employers are welcoming their employees back into the office as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. To make this transition as safe as possible, many things need to be considered. This report acts a guide for employers on how to best prepare for the return to the office, as well as how to best install hybrid and flexible working.

Workplace Wellbeing: The Workplace Health Programme of Northamptonshire

Holly Koenig, Wellbeing Co-ordinator for Public Health Northamptonshire spoke about the Workplace Health Programme of Northamptonshire.

Understanding the Risks of Driving Fatigue: Keeping Workers Safe

Fatigue is a major risk factor leading to accidents in the workplace, however, it continues to be under-recognised; it must be taken seriously as it can have devastating effects. This article will look at the impact of fatigue and how to manage fatigue at work both as an employee and employer. 

The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety and Rescue Services: Preparing for the Future of Fire and Rescue Services

Roy Wilsher OBE, Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, spoke at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

The Changing Landscape Fire Safety and Rescue Services: How the Building Safety Regulator Will Work With Co-Regulators

Annette Hall, Head of Operational Development Building Safety Programme at the Health and Safety Executive, spoke at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

Positive Mental Health at Work: The Oil in the Machine

Adrian Wakeling, Senior Policy Advisor at Acas, talks about the importance of positive mental health in the workplace.