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The Gender Pension Pay Gap: An Unhidden Pay Gap

In March 2020, the UK Government launched an initiative to improve pay transparency in the job application process to improve opportunities for women. Sam Dewey is the Reward & Wellbeing Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support where he has worked for over 2 years. In this post, he discusses what the gender pensions pay gap is and some of the causes of it.

The Westminster Way: Improving Diversity and Inclusion

In this case study, Director of People Services at the City of Westminster, Lee Witham, discussed ‘The Westminster Way’ initiative, aimed at reducing the disparities experienced by female and ethnic minority employees.

Evidence Backed Actions to Close the Gender Pay Gap

A GEO and BI Team document on reducing the gender pay gap and improving gender equality in organisations.

GEO Guidance: What Works to Reduce your Gender Pay Gap

A GEO guidance note family friendly policies for the workplace.