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Fire Safety Law – A 2022 Update

In April 2021, the Fire Safety Act became law and transformed the regulatory environment of the build environment and fire safety sectors. Dr Nick Williams, Course Leader on the Building Control Surveyor Apprentice Degree and Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton shares the recent updates to fire safety law in the UK and what these updates mean for building management.

Improving Wildfire Preparedness and Management

Between 2009 and 2017 Fire & Rescue Services attended almost 260,000 wildfire incidents in England, an average of about 32,000 incidents per year. This number is set to increase with the impacts of climate change. We need to improve our research and resources now to ensure the UK is able to manage the risks and impacts of wildfires on our landscapes.

Emergency Services Wellbeing: Promoting Wellbeing for a Diverse and Inclusive Emergency Workforce

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service recognise the need for equality, diversity, and inclusion to run through every aspect of their Service. Rachel Salmon from Derbyshire Rescue and Fire Services discussed their diversity and inclusion priorities and why creating a diverse workforce is beneficial in emergency services.

Building Regulations and Fire Safety: A Government Update on the Progress of Building Regulations and Fire Safety

The Grenfell disaster of 2017 has meant that the Government must transform fire safety regime. Neil O’Connor of the Ministry for Housing discusses their response to the 2018 Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety.

Building Regulations and Fire Safety: Resident Wellbeing and Building Safety Strategies

The Grenfell Tower disaster of 2017 exposed the problem of dangerous building cladding. Rebecca Fairclough from Manchester Cladiators shares stories from those who are living with dangerous cladding.

Fire and Rescue Services: Responding to Covid-19 and Preparing for the Future

The Fire and Rescue Service reacted in several ways to the Covid-19 crisis. This article highlights how the FRS helped nationwide during this time, and how their response has spring-boarded their vision for the future

The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety and Rescue Services: Promoting Diversity in the Fire & Rescue Service

Imran Dean, Community Engagement Officer (EDI Lead) at Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services, spoke about improving diversity in the Fire Service at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

The Changing Landscape of Fire Safety and Rescue Services: Preparing for the Future of Fire and Rescue Services

Roy Wilsher OBE, Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council, spoke at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

The Changing Landscape Fire Safety and Rescue Services: How the Building Safety Regulator Will Work With Co-Regulators

Annette Hall, Head of Operational Development Building Safety Programme at the Health and Safety Executive, spoke at The Changing Landscape of UK Fire Safety and Rescue Services, 2021.

Case Study: Incorporating Behavioural Insights into Fire Safety

The majority of accidental dwelling fires are caused by people, rather than faulty equipment. This case study looks at the incorporation of behavioural insights into fire safety, trialled by the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

How has Grenfell Changed Building Regulations and Fire Safety in the UK

72 people died as a result of the fire at Grenfell Tower in 2017. This article examines what is being done within building and fire regulations, in the wake of the disaster.

Mental Health First Aid: Equipping Staff With Effective Training

With people spending a third of their time at work MHFA focus on transforming workplace mental health. This allows employees to not only support their mental health and their colleague's wellbeing but enables them to take the skills back home to look after friends and family.