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Drawing on Legislation to Support Local Government in the Fight Against Online Fraud

In this post Dr Lucian Tipi, Head of Teaching and Learning Enhancement of the College of Business, Technology and Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University, discusses what UK and International legislation is in place to help support local Authorities in tackling online fraud.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tips for Marketing Colleges on a Budget

The number of students participating in Further Education fell by 11.4% between 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Antoinette Beekye, Head of Marketing, Communications and Enrichment at Waltham Forest College, shares some cost-effective strategies to market colleges on a budget, promoting growth within the college.

Turning Leisure Facilities into Income Streams for Local Government

In September 2020 only 56% of leisure facilities had reopened after lockdown restrictions were lifted, mainly due to their economic unviability. This case study looks at how South Kesteven District Council reopened their leisure facilities and switched management plans. This change made their leisure facilities economically viable and opened up an income stream for the council.

In Conversation with Dr Lucian Tipi: How can the Public Sector be Better Equipped to Tackle Fraud

It is estimated that fraud and error during the pandemic will end up costing the UK Government between £1.3 and £7.9 billion, due to fraudsters exploiting faults in financial support schemes. We spoke to Dr Lucian Tipi from Sheffield Hallam University about ways that the public sector can strengthen their defences against fraud.

Academy Funding and Finance: Finance Management for Multi-Academy Trusts

The Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is recognised as one of the top performing education providers in the country. Joanna Dawson from the Trust shared the OAT’s 5-year funding strategy and holistic methods for financial planning.

Academy Funding and Finance: Transforming Financial Deficit into Surplus while Raising School Standards

The Delta Academies Trust took over the failing School Partnership Trust Academies in 2016. Paul Tarn, Chief Executive Officer shared the recovery strategy of the Delta Trust and the financial impact of the rebranding.

Academy Funding and Finance: What Next for Financial Management

Covid-19 meant that schools required additional funding to ensure that they were equipped for remote teaching and learning. Tanya Arkle from the Education and Skills Funding Agency discussed the education funding strategy as well as techniques that have proven effective for improving financial efficiency in schools.