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Redeveloping and Releasing Surplus Land to Generate Income

There are over 65,000 buildings in the school estate, estimated to cover more than 100,000 acres of land. In this article we’ll explore different ways to generate income from an existing estate.

Developing a Commercial Approach to Estate Management

In this case study we’ll be examining the University of Nottingham’s (UoN) commercial approach to real estate management.

Managing the Public Sector Estate: Adapting Estates to Meet Net Zero

Tackling zero carbon and the maintenance issues together will yield financial benefits as well as helping achieve net-zero by 2050. In this article we’ll be looking at how the Government Property Function (GPF) and Modern Energy Partners (MEP) have been working together to achieve net zero.

Tackling the Backlog: Rebuilding the NHS Estate

Considering the Governments pledge to build 40 new hospitals by 2030, this article outlines the challenges that the NHS Estate currently face. It demonstrates strategies that are in place to help clear the backlog of issues and to improve the services of the estate.