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Generating Community Support for Sustainable Housing Projects

The UK Government has set the target of achieving net zero by 2050 and the social housing sector will play a key role in meeting this goal. We heard from James Caspell, Neighbourhood Director (Lancaster West and Grenfell Housing Services), at Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, about improving engagement with the local community to gain their support for sustainable housing projects.

In Conversation: Becoming a Net-Zero University, Turning Ambitions into Reality

In recent years higher education providers have made efforts to improve sustainability; most UK universities now have sustainability pledges. The University of Nottingham is at the forefront of this movement, with carbon reduction targets in place across all its campuses. We spoke to Andy Nolan, the Director of Sustainability and Development at the University of Nottingham about turning these ambitions into reality.

How Can Local Authorities Work Towards Green Recovery?

Leaders within local authorities must play their part in tackling climate change. This report acts a guide for local authorities, sharing advice on best practice and practical steps to combat climate change. Themes covered include: electric vehicles, town planning, biodiversity and much more.

The Role of Local Government in Housing Retrofit Programmes

To meet net-zero targets we need to retrofit almost all of the 29 million homes in the UK by 2050 to increase their energy efficiency. Local councils need effective retrofit strategies to help meet these targets. Joanne Wheeler, Senior Manager of Local Policy and Retrofit at UK Green Building Council had some useful insight into what makes a good strategy and how Local Government can play a role in retrofit.

Decarbonising Transport and Infrastructure: The Role of Data in Decarbonising Infrastructure Assets

Dr Jennifer Schooling, Director at the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, University of Cambridge spoke about the role of data in decarbonising infrastructure at The Decarbonising Transport and Infrastructure Conference, 2020.

Decarbonising Transport and Infrastructure: Transforming Transport Systems Through A Devolved Delivery Plan

Simon Warburton, Transport Strategy Director at Transport for Greater Manchester, spoke about the benefits of devolved transport deliver at The Decarbonising Transport and Infrastructure Conference, 2020.

Interview: Methods for Taking Climate Action at a Local Level

We spoke to Susan Halliwell, Co-Chair of ADEPT’s South East Network, about the steps ADEPT are taking to help local authorities take climate action.

The Role of Local Authorities in Achieving Net Zero

300 out of 404 District, County, Unitary & Metropolitan Councils have declared a Climate Emergency [4]. In doing so, a local authority is acknowledging it ‘needs to act on the causes and impacts of climate change’. There are many changes local authorities can take to begin steps towards net zero,

How Leeds City Council are Encouraging Businesses to Transition to Electric Vehicles

Leeds City Council declared Climate Emergency in March 2019, pledging to become carbon neutral by 2030. As part of their drive to become a carbon-neutral authority Leeds City Council have signed up for the National Clean Van Commitment.

Decarbonising the North: The Transport for the North Strategic Transport Plan

Transport for the North published their ‘Strategic Transport Plan’ in February 2019. This article provides an overview of the plan and discusses how the plan aims to reduce transport carbon emissions.