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Communicating with Hard-to-Reach Groups Through a Whole Community Approach

Birmingham is one of Britain’s most diverse cities with 40% of the population from non-white British backgrounds. These groups are often disengaged from public messaging. Through championing local people, the council aimed to rectify that problem.

Hertfordshire County Council: Effectively Using Social Media in Public Comms

Hertfordshire County Council have used several digital channels to promote their public health campaigns over the course of the pandemic. Andrew Hadfield-Ames from Hertfordshire Council shares their successes of using social media to communicate effectively with the public.

Crisis Communications in the Public Sector: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Kate Betts MCIPR from Capital B Media spoke about the common pitfalls in crisis communication and ways to avoid them.

Crisis Communication in the Public Sector: Tackling a Communication Challenge and Managing the Aftermath

Donna Jordan from the Derbyshire Constabulary spoke about the communication challenges that were associated with the Whaley Bridge incident of 2019.

Public Health Campaigns: Tailoring Communication Strategies towards Minority Groups to Improve Engagement with NHS Services

Altaf Kazi from NHS Blood and Transplant spoke to us about tailoring communication strategies towards minority groups to improve engagement with NHS services.

Public Health Campaigns: Adapting Public Health Communications Strategies

Tracy Daszkiewicz spoke to us about ways of adapting public health communication strategies in public health campaigns.

Admissions and the Impact of Covid-19: A UCAS Viewpoint

In 2020, there were widespread fears amongst universities that the deferral rate would skyrocket. In this article we’ll be discussing the effects of the turbulent 2020 admissions cycle.

How Imperial College London Revamped their Communications Strategy in Response to Covid-19

Maintaining a sense of community among staff and students during the pandemic was a challenge for universities. In this case study we’ll look at Imperial College London’s approach to adapting their communications strategy in response to Covid-19.

Rethinking Digital Communication Strategies During Covid-19

Creating and nurturing regional partnerships has also been key to Weston College’s Covid-19 strategy. In this case study we’ll look at how Weston College aimed to reach a wider audience during the pandemic through their digital channels.