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Protecting Girls and Young Women from Criminal Exploitation and Violence

It is often thought that only boys are criminally exploited but research by The Children’s Commissioner reveals that girls account for 34% of children aged under 17 involved in gangs in England. In this video Sherry Peck, Chief Executive of Safer London addresses the less well-known role of girls in criminal networks and discusses contextual safeguarding approaches to improve support programmes focused on rehabilitating females affected by violence and exploitation.

Preventing Child Exploitation: Identifying Vulnerable Young People and Intervening Early

Over 12,500 children in England were identified as being at risk of criminal exploitation in March 2020-21. Alex Bridge, Service Manager at Southend Borough Council, shares how the ‘See the Signs’ campaign has raised local community awareness of child exploitation to improve early intervention responses from councils and protect at risk individuals.

Showcasing Local Employers to Improve Youth Employment Opportunities

The number of young people not in education, employment or training in January to March 2022 was estimated at 10.4%. We heard from Julie Young, Post-16 Advisor at Somerset County Council, about how the TalentEd Academy programmes has provided young people with opportunities to explore future careers following education.

Youth Employability: Supporting Youth Employment – A Cross-Government National Approach

More and more young people are claiming universal credit. To tackle this the Government’s Plan for Jobs is delivering a comprehensive package of support for young people, to help them into work. We heard from Tammy Fevrier, from the Department of Work and Pensions who discuss the current state of youth employment and opportunities to maximize youth employability.

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online: Consistent Safeguarding in Schools

Rob Shephard, Online Safety Coordinator at St Mark's Ecumenical Anglican/Methodist Primary School discussed ways of achieving consistent online safeguarding in schools.

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online: Are we Teaching Facts or Fallacies?

Mark Bentley from the London Grid for Learning questions whether we are teaching facts or fallacies, in regard to the safety of children and young people online.

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online: Online Safety in Schools

Michael Bell from the Department for Education discussed ways of keeping children and young people safe online at schools.

Bristol City Council: A Multiagency Approach to Safeguarding Vulnerable Young People

Bristol City Council strives for a holistic approach to safeguarding young people in the city. This case study discusses how Bristol City Council have developed a multiagency approach to safeguarding vulnerable young people in the city

Confronting Multi-Generational Disadvantage: The Impact of Deprivation on Social Mobility

Social mobility varies widely across local authorities in England. In this article we’ll look at the recent work of the Social Mobility Commission in highlighting differences in opportunities across England.

Leeds City Council: Local Approaches to Addressing Financial Inclusion

In 2004, Leeds’ economy was booming and showing promising signs of becoming a northern powerhouse. However, there was a significant minority who were not enjoying the economic uplift. In this case study we’ll look at Leeds City Council’s approach to financial inclusion.

Reducing the Attainment Gap through Early Years Intervention

In 2016, Norwich was ranked second-lowest in terms of social mobility in the country. In this case study we’ll explore the ongoing work to raise the level of four- and five-year old’s language acquisition in the Norwich Opportunity Area.

Children in Care: Utilising Lived Experiences to Inform Strategies for Looked after Children

Kayleigh Jones, Advisory Board Member at Become, spoke about using lived experience in service design at The Children in Care Conference, 2021.

Children in Care: Planning for Recovery After Covid-19: Changing Care Needs and New Challenges

Michelle Lee-Izu, Corporate Director for Children's Services Development and Innovation, spoke at The Children in Care Conference, 2021.

Addressing Childhood Obesity: The Relationship Between Childhood Obesity And Mental Health

Professor Paul Gately, Chief Executive and Clinical Lead MoreLife, and Dr. Neesha Patel, Health Psychologist MoreLife, spoke about the mental health impact of childhood obesity at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.

Addressing Childhood Obesity : Delivering Integrated Interventions

Dr. Julie Greenway, Chief Investigator at Black County Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, and Sally Cornfield, Public Health Manager Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council, spoke about multi-agency working at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.

The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference 2021: Making Vegetables Appealing to Children Through Creative Advertising

Jo Ralling, Head of Communications at The Food Foundation, spoke about the Veg Power campaign at The Addressing Childhood Obesity Conference, 2021.

Safeguarding Children and Young People: The Barnardos See, Hear, Respond Programme

Amanda Naylor, Head of See Hear Respond Programme at Barnardos, spoke about the impact of the programme at The Child Safeguarding Conference, 2020.

SMC Report Finds that Social Mobility across England is a ‘Postcode Lottery’

The Social Mobility Commission discusses their new report, The Long Shadow of Deprivation: Differences in opportunities across England.

Preventable Causes of Mental Distress and Illness: With Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent OBE & Geraldine Strathdee CBE

Renuka Jeyarajah-Dent OBE & Geraldine Strathdee CBE discuss preventable causes of mental illness and distress and share their own valuable insights and experiences.

County Lines Gangs: Tackling Exploitation with Mentoring

Emily Aklan, Founder and Chief Executive of Serenity Welfare, discusses the exploitation of children and grooming by county lines gangs.