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Children in Care: Reducing the Risk of Children in Care going Missing

Over 1 in 8 children in care go missing every year. They are at risk of criminal and sexual exploitation, and when they return, are often put in secure accommodation. We heard from the National Youth Advocacy Service about why secure accommodation isn’t always the best option and why open communication can be the best way forward in these situations.

Gangs and County Lines: An Overview

County lines is a form of criminal exploitation in which criminals groom and manipulate children into drug dealing. Many young people end up involved in violent crime as a result. This infographic gives an overview of the current statistics around county lines, gang involvement and violent crime in the UK.

Digital Safeguarding Strategies to Protect Children Online

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) have a vision to eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online. This case study examines the work of the IWF and what they are doing to tackle online child exploitation.

Safeguarding Children and Young People the NHS Perspective

Effective safeguarding arrangements seek to prevent and protect individuals from harm or abuse, regardless of their circumstances. This article discusses the NHS’ perspective on safeguarding child victims of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Combatting Gangs, Violence & County Lines: Drugs, Exploitation and Harm Reduction

Jason Kew, Detective Chief Inspector of Thames Valley VRU spoke to us about the work they've been doing to spot and prevent exploitation, and reduce drug-related harm.

The Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation Conference: Working in Schools to Prevent Exploitation and Gang Involvement

Nicci MacGillivray from the St Giles Trust speaks to us about ways of working in schools to prevent exploitation and gang involvement.

The Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation Conference: The ThinkuKnow Programme and Online CSA during Covid-19

Marie Smith from the National Crime Agency talks to us about maintaining online safety for children during Covid-19.

The Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation Conference: Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in the NHS

Kenny Gibson, National Lead of Safeguarding for the NHS speaks to us about methods the National Health Service have in place to protect children