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Delivering Excellence in Teaching Arts: Implementing a Whole School Approach to the Arts

Many schools across in the UK have used the Arts Award Framework to ensure that their students are receiving a quality education in the arts. The Headteacher of St Bede’s & St Joseph’s Catholic College, Rebecca Voller discussed how the Arts Award has benefited their students and how they have staggered the awards across year groups.

Delivering Excellence in Teaching Arts: Becoming a Leader in Cultural Education

Curious Minds have made it their mission to train teachers . We heard from Derri Burdon, Chief Executive of Curious Minds who discussed the wealth of training programmes on offer for teachers wanting to become cultural education leaders.

Using the Arts Award to Promote a Cross-Curricular Approach to the Arts

The Arts Award Framework gives schools the opportunity to implement a holistic approach to teaching arts and culture. This case study examines how St Bede's & St Joseph's Catholic College in Bradford have embedded arts and culture across the curriculum.

Becoming a Specialist Leader in Cultural Education

Curious Minds aim to see quality cultural education as a regular aspect of every child's learning and leisure time. This article examines the training programmes offered by Curious Minds to help teachers become specialist leaders in cultural education.