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Identifying and Working to Support Victims of Cuckooing

Using a Community Safer Grant, Stockport Homes were commissioned to undertake a 16 month pilot project to address the issue of cuckooing in the borough. Liz Smith, Head of Anti-Social Behaviour shares with us how they have supported vulnerable tenants who are victims of cuckooing.

Youth Employability: Supporting Young Disabled People into Work by Building Relationships with Employers

There is often a misconception that disabled people are not as capable of holding down jobs or working in skilled sectors. We heard from Ellen Atkinson, Regional Adviser at the National Development Team for Inclusion. Ellen discussed why these myths should be dispelled and how employers can create pathways for disabled people to enter the workplace.

Tackling Multiple Disadvantage with a Multi-Agency Approach

This article will look at how best to frame multiple disadvantage, why the current system is failing, and examine some practical steps that can be taken to improve the services provided.

Fulfilling Lives: Supporting People with Multiple Disadvantages

This case study will present the work of Fulfilling Lives Islington and Camden in helping women suffering multiple disadvantages, with a focus on domestic abuse and homelessness.

Providing Inclusive Safeguarding Services for BME Communities

In this case study we’ll look at the work of the Equality & Inclusion Partnership (EQuIP) in providing inclusive safeguarding services for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Warwickshire.

Understanding The Domestic Abuse Act (2021) in the Context of Covid-19

Victims and survivors of domestic abuse were at even higher risk during the pandemic. In this article we’ll be looking at the Domestic Abuse Act (2021) and it’s impact on adult safeguarding and domestic abuse.

Safeguarding Adults during the Covid-19 Pandemic

From the beginning of the pandemic, Safeguarding Adult Reviews were already being delayed. In this article we’ll look at the challenges posed by Covid-19 when safeguarding adults.

Adult Safeguarding 2021: Making Safeguarding Personal

Liz Hanley, ADASS Safeguarding Policy Network Co-Lead, spoke about improving safeguarding outcomes through taking a personalised approach at The Adult Safeguarding Conference, 2021.

Adult Safeguarding 2021: Adult Safeguarding in Health Care and NHS

Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding at NHS England & NHS Improvement, spoke about the impact of Covid-19 on safeguarding practice at The Adult Safeguarding Conference, 2021.

Working Together to Combat Domestic Abuse: The Benefits of Multi-Agency Cooperation

The Multi Agency Tasking and Coordination (MATAC) process works to target perpetrators and stop repeat offences. This case study explores how the process is implemented by Northumbria Police.