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The Importance of Due Diligence when Merging with Academy Trusts

Academy trust due diligence is a key aspect of schools joining a trust. In this post, Tim Warneford, Director of Warneford Consulting, discusses the importance of due diligence when merging schools into academy trusts.

The Problem of Sustainability for Academy Funding

In line with the UK Government's aim of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the Department for Education published the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy (2022). Phil Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of PLR Advisory shares with us how the sustainability targets outlined in the strategy are difficult to achieve with academy trust finances and outlines changes that need to be made so that academies can become more sustainable.

Updating School Estates: the Impact of the Condition Improvement Fund

The Covid-19 pandemic has altered the landscape of academy and trust financial management. We heard from Tim Warneford, Director of Warneford Consulting, about the Condition Improvement Fund,, and what funds are needed to improve the condition of school estates.

Academy Funding and Finance: Finance Management for Multi-Academy Trusts

The Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) is recognised as one of the top performing education providers in the country. Joanna Dawson from the Trust shared the OAT’s 5-year funding strategy and holistic methods for financial planning.

Academy Funding and Finance: Transforming Financial Deficit into Surplus while Raising School Standards

The Delta Academies Trust took over the failing School Partnership Trust Academies in 2016. Paul Tarn, Chief Executive Officer shared the recovery strategy of the Delta Trust and the financial impact of the rebranding.

Academy Funding and Finance: What Next for Financial Management

Covid-19 meant that schools required additional funding to ensure that they were equipped for remote teaching and learning. Tanya Arkle from the Education and Skills Funding Agency discussed the education funding strategy as well as techniques that have proven effective for improving financial efficiency in schools.